1. There is no longer any reason to believe that increases in production have to happen in small steps.
  2. Moderate changes in your behavior can generate quantum leaps in your production.
  3. You will not and cannot expect to make a quantum leap unless you are willing to expand your limits and follow some new rules.
  4. As long as you think the same way you have always thought and act the same way that you have always acted, you can expect to achieve the same results you have always achieved.
  5. A quantum leap demands that you modify and change some of your internal beliefs.
  6. Change creates the threat of loss and the threat of loss creates emotional resistance. Everyone needs to learn how to disarm that resistance and move to the next level of production.
  7. Change occurs after the pains of realizing your current behaviors are currently unacceptable.
  8. There are times in every salesperson's year when being right is wrong and when being smart is dumb.
  9. Personal identification with any self-defeating belief will create barriers to behavioral change.
  10. Just because you cannot see the possibility of making a quantum leap, it does not follow that you cannot make a quantum leap.

Pressure is the name of the game today. Not just the pressure to get ahead, but the pressure of trying to succeed when it seems as if everyone and everything is against you.

During the past 50 years the human race has entered the atomic age, the space age, and recently, the computer age. Now you can learn to live in the quantum leap age.

This program provides the new rules, rules that lead to new limits. This is an adventure into the world that helps you comprehend the forces that drive you. With this understanding you will create a fresh perspective and achieve a new mastery of your life. You will learn some powerful new change techniques to discover your inner strength, solve your problems, and build a happier life.

The message of this eye opening program is one we must take to heart: We have the capacity to create quantum leaps in production in short periods of time. You have the ability to equal last years production during the next three months.

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