The name of the game is "Prospecting" and the most powerful and effective method of prospecting is referred lead prospecting. Specifically designed for financial advisors and financial planners who want to work with high net worth clients, this program teaches you how to obtain golden referrals.

Golden referrals are referrals with an endorsement. It almost doubles the success rate of a normal referral. Prospecting with golden referrals is the only prospecting method that is going to produce consistent results with high net worth prospects.

You will learn the process and the methods that will produce ten to twenty golden referrals per week. More than half of those referrals will turn into clients and even those who never become clients will become centers of influence and refer you to others.

You will also learn how to send prospecting approaches that do not confuse the prospect and create automatic, "No's."

You will learn how to:

  1. Persuade clients to give you referrals, even before they become clients.
  2. Turn prospects into clients.
  3. Turn clients into Centers-of-Influence.
  4. Develop prestige referrals from friends and former associates.
  5. Develop 10-15 Prestige or Golden Referrals each and every week.

Do all this without manipulating or pressuring your friends, clients or centers of influence!

Prospecting study of 600 life insurance agents:

Prospecting method Cold Call Referred Lead Golden Referral
Number of sales people in study 200 200 200
Number of appointments per 1000 contacts 30 330 590

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