A dramatic new program for eradicating your fears of asking for and following up on referrals, prospecting in new markets, conducting seminars, failing, looking foolish, making mistakes, and even of becoming too successful.

Fear is the most powerful of our emotions. It has shown itself to be stronger than hunger, thirst, or sex, at least temporarily, and over the long run, can interfere with the fulfillment of each of those basic drives. We all have fear in common - to be human is to be afraid. Fear is a thread that runs through all of our lives.

The way in which we deal with their fears determines the degree of success we will achieve. If we are lucky, we are aware of our fears and when those moments of choice come, those moments of reaching out, avoiding or escaping.

We can make a proactive choice based on our own instincts of what is best for us instead or a reactive choice to avoid the fearful activity.

Fear can act as a big stop sign in our development and it can tell us that we can go no further that we cannot continue to grow. Irrational fears have been learned and they can be unlearned and defeated - permanently.

The change strategies used in behavior therapy can be used by the salespeople to confront and eliminate our irrational sales fears. Implosive therapy takes this whole idea one step further. It is more confrontive, less supportive, and encourages people to face their fears directly. It is based on the principle that fears are learned from experiences that have brought up punishment, frustration, and pain, and that they can be unlearned or "extinguished."

Fears are activated in hundreds of different ways - a loss of a client, a drop in the stock market, a slight facial twitch, a verbal inflection, a passing thought about the possibility of failing, or being embarrassed. Each of us deals with fears uniquely - withdrawal, quitting, avoidance, nervous laughter, depression, apathy, underachieving, plateauing and failing.

Risk infers failure. Each time we dare new things; prospecting in new markets, or with new methods, ask a client for a referral - we risk failure. To grow into something we want for ourselves or to make contact with a prospect or a client we need to risk - to move through a barrier of fear. We are afraid of looking stupid, being weak, of what others will think, of making mistakes, of being hurt, of being rejected, of change , the unknown, of other people and even of succeeding.

Whatever prospect or client we keep at a safe distance, that we avoid, or defend ourselves against, fear is the likely reason. We may be afraid of ourselves, of what we would do if we followed our real impulses or we may be afraid of the rejection or ridicule that prospect or client might bring down on us. The question of, "How can we move through our fears and improve our production?" is one of the most important questions we can ask ourselves.

Unmistakably, this is a program about kicking sales fears.

But turn it inside out and it is a program about improving your production.

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